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Student-Produced 'Left to Write' Will Leave You Pondering

A student group of five filmmakers who have a passion for all elements of video making, whether it's filming, acting, editing, or writing. Erick Amaya, Griffin Bluemer, Thomas Friebolin, Noah Morris, David Mosden are students at Huntington High School in Mrs. Swan’s video program. Their film explores the life of a student who, one day, discovers a book that describes his life. This piece follows the boy as he contemplates whether to continue reading the book, or to return it to the librarian who gave it to him.

What is your film about? This is a film production that explores the life of a student who, one day, discovers a book that describes his life. This story follows the boy as he contemplates whether to continue reading the book, or to return it back to the librarian who gave it to him.How did you come up with the idea for your film?This film was originally part of the 10 Day Film Challenge, which essentially introduces 5 parameters that have to be met: character, backstory of the character, a prop, a genre, and a line of dialogue that has to be incorporated. We created a storyline around the guidelines that the challenge gave during the 2017 year.Talk about your approach to the story and the technical elements you used.As a group, we felt that, in order to present this story to the best of our ability, it was necessary to execute it in the best way possible. The filming took place over the course of 5 days, for a total of around 8 hours. We used DSLR cameras as well as boom mics, LED lights, and lavalier microphones. It was edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2016 as well as some special effects in Adobe After Effects CC 2016.Thank you for sharing your film with WSKG! How did you hear about the Festival?We submitted to this festival because our teacher recommended that we submit our short film here. Last year, some of our classmates were recognized for their work in this film festival, so we also heard about it from them.Which part of this filmmaking experience did you enjoy most?Each of us handled different aspects of the project, but we all contributed to script writing and story development. We all thought that the best part of making this film, and most films, is being able to see our script come to life and see all of our hard work in the final product. Is there anything else you'd like to share?It is truly an honor to be recognized for our project, especially at the Rod Serling Film Festival. Science Fiction is one of the most interesting genres in any industry of entertainment, and creating this work of sci-fi was rewarding to say the least. This was our first Sci-Fi related film, so the fact that it is being given the Spirit of Serling Award makes this entire experience even more surreal. We are all so happy that this project, which we poured every ounce of energy in to, was recognized in this film festival.https://youtu.be/Ot9f2VnSckQThe 2017 Rod Serling Film Festival will be held at the Art Mission and Theater on Sunday, October 8, 2017 at 3pm, in partnership with Binghamton Film Weekend.