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A More or Less Perfect Union

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A More or Less Perfect Union

A Personal Exploration by Judge Douglas Ginsburg

This three-part series premieres April 21, 22, & 23 at 8:00PM on WSKG-TV.
A More or Less Perfect Union, A Personal Exploration by Judge Douglas Ginsburg, explores the foundational document that governs those who govern us – the American Constitution. Hosted by Judge Douglas H. Ginsburg, a constitutional expert with 30 years of experience on the Federal Court of Appeals in Washington, DC, this thought-provoking, three-part, three-hour series looks at past, present and future struggles for liberty through the lens of the U.S. Constitution.  Firsthand perspectives, including those of direct descendants of slaves and of those involved in pivotal civil rights cases, historians, legal scholars, small business owners, judges, and ordinary American citizens, provide captivating context to the shaping of American governance.

Judge Ginsburg skillfully weaves the story of the how the Framers put freedom in writing in the summer of 1787; how freedom spread over more than two centuries to all of  “we the people;” and how we may risk freedom today by ignoring the words of the Framers. Real-life stories from descendants and the director at Whitney Plantation, the Dred Scott Foundation, and The Plessy and Ferguson Foundation bring meaningful illustrations to the Constitution as past intentions come into conflict with present realities; business owners and American citizens relate stories both of protection and of overreach by the government – as with the USDA regulating the care of Hemingway’s cats! The Bill of Rights is explored with stories showing how our rights affect our everyday lives as well as the momentous issues surrounding the freedom of speech, religion, press, and assembly, the Second Amendment, eminent domain, the separation of powers, and civil rights.