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PA Dairy Farmers Face Same Problems, Only Congressional Districts Have Changed

ITHACA, NY (WSKG) - The boundaries of Pennsylvania’s congressional districts changed this year after protracted court hearings. The issues facing citizens didn’t change, including for dairy farmers.

In the new 12th District, Democrat Marc Friedenberg is running against Republican incumbent Tom Marino. Friedenberg is a first-time candidate.

The district includes Bradford, Susquehanna and Tioga counties. Friedenberg says there are some things Congress can do things now to help dairy farmers.

"What I support on the supply side is an emergency price floor of $20 per hundredweight. And this could be about a third more than what a hundredweight costs today," said Friedenberg.

"We need these dairy farmers. They’re part of our economic infrastructure, our national infrastructure and really our national security. This is something we need for the health of our population."

Milk prices are set per one hundred pounds. A gallon of milk weighs about eight and a half pounds.  The current price is near $14.

Marino, the incumbent, has not said he would support an emergency price floor. He voted for the 2018 Farm Bill which has received mixed support from farmers.

Farmers also want to be able to sell whole milk to schools in the National School Lunch Program. There is an Obama era policy that prevents it. Friedenberg supports changing it.

So does his opponent. Tom Marino introduced a bill this year that would allow schools in the National School Lunch Program to serve whole milk. It’s one of the few things he and Friedenberg agree on.