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Deer Crash Season Peaks In November

ROCHESTER, NY (WXXI) - AAA has researched crash data, and they’ve found that by far, November is the worst month for deer crashes in New York.

In November 2016, for example, there were nearly 45-hundred deer crashes - that’s one every ten minutes.

Over 200 of those were in Monroe County, and AAA spokesperson Elizabeth Carey says the auto club suggests people be extra attentive behind the wheel, especially at dusk.

“So motorists should pay extra attention when it’s starting to get light out, and when it’s starting to get dark out.  So earlier in the morning and in the evening.  83 percent of deer crashes occur outside daylight hours,” she said.

Compounding the problem is the start of shotgun deer season tomorrow.

“Now that opening day of shotgun season is upon us, more hunters will be in the woods, and that can stir up deer and send them on to the roads.  At the same time it’s also deer mating season, so a lot of deer are on the move in November,” she said.

Carey says crashes are most common between 5 and 7pm in the evening, when many people are rushing home from work.

AAA encourages drivers to scan the shoulders of the road and if you see one deer, many more may follow since they often travel in herds.

If a collision is unavoidable, apply the brakes firmly and stay in your lane.

Avoid swerving sharply because that could cause an even more serious crash.