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Reed Calls For Congress To Stop 'Political Theater', And End Shutdown

ITHACA, NY (WSKG) - Representative Tom Reed said there are compromises available to both parties which would reopen the federal government and give them a victory. First, Reed says Congress must stop what he calls partisan ‘political theater’ and start working to each other.

The Republican represents New York’s 23rd congressional district which covers the Southern Tier and parts of the Finger Lakes.

"This debate is eventually gonna be called out for the foolishness it has become," he said. "It has become a symbolic fight...and we’ll call out those that just wanna fight this fight because they don’t wanna give a political win to either side of the equation. And that’s wrong."

Reed believes immigration issues extend beyond a border wall, and should including funding for new technology that monitors both above and below ground and that supports Customs and Border Control officers.

"I ask our colleagues on both sides of the aisle to set aside partisanship and divide that the word ‘border wall’ has created," he said on Wednesday afternoon. "And really focus on what we can come together on and agree that needs to be done when it comes to border security."

The Congressmans also said this is also a good time to resolve the status of DACA recipients. During earlier debates, ye thinks Congress has learned enough about the issue.  He believes the pressure applied by the partial government shutdown could force a final agreement on DACA.