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Poison Center says keep at-home COVID tests away from kids

SYRACUSE, NY (WRVO) - The Upstate New York Poison Center has some advice for families getting at-home COVID-19 test kits: store them safely and keep them away from kids. The Center is getting calls concerned that a child has ingested some of the liquid in the tiny bottles that’s used to determine a positive or negative COVID test.

“We’ve had about a dozen calls where a child has gotten a sip of it or a taste of it, and it’s a panicked parent, said Poison Center Director Michelle Caliva, who says it’s not a big problem. "If they were to take a taste of it accidentally, not a problem, could be a little bit irritating, but not a real big issue,” Caliva said. “However, it could be a choking issue because it’s a little plastic container. Not a good idea to eat any product or chemical not intended for eating or consumption. So we’re just saying be careful." That means don’t leave kits on the kitchen counter or anywhere a curious child could find them, and make sure any that are coming home from schools in backpacks, are immediately put in a safe place. Also kits should be thrown away right after use. Caliva said if kids do get into the kits, don’t hesitate to call. “Because we like to reassure you, confirm what the product is, and do a real quick calculation to determine amount, size and age,” she said. But again, for the most part, a taste might be irritating, and that’s it."