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Eagles fans fill the streets in mourning after Super Bowl loss

A police line sweeps down South Broad from City Hall.
Peter Crimmins / WHYY
A police line sweeps down South Broad from City Hall.

After the Philadelphia Eagles narrowly lost 38-35 to the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII, fans filled the streets in Center City.

Some glumly stared at the ground while shuffling their way home, others tried to stay positive by giving one last cheer for their home team.

“It’s heartbreaking right now,” said Valencia Pastors, walking with friends past City Hall. “I feel like everyone that’s walking out here tonight is, like, really heartbroken. But, you know, we gave a good game. It was three points that they won by.”

Some fans blamed the referees for bad calls. Others blamed the Eagles for playing sloppy and allowing Kansas City to literally walk into the end zone, twice. Others said it was a good game and a tough loss.

“We fought the whole time. We fought the whole time. It was a close game,” said Steve McJones.

“It was a really good game,” said his companion, Kevin Kelso. “I’m really proud of our team. But we lost!”

Jose Gonzalez watched the game at Lucky Strike in Center City with friends. Although disappointed by the loss, he was impressed by his team.

“Perfectly confident Jalen Hurts being a quarterback, number one. Not a doubt,” he said. “Not our year. It’s OK. There’s next year, and the next.”

To pick up fans’ spirits, the Positive Movement drumline band marched down North Broad to City Hall, offering rhythms of Eagles chants. The rag-tag scattered fans in groups of three and fours came together as a crowd, dancing away their loss.

The band led fans around City Hall, which had been blocked off by police barricades, and met more people on South Broad, turning into a crowd of thousands. Unauthorized fireworks went off, and — yes — people climbed poles. It did not last long. Police in riot gear formed a line with their bodies and bicycles that swept down South Broad, forcing the crowd to disperse.