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WSKG Public Media Makes Radio Programming Changes

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” —John F. Kennedy

VESTAL, NY: On Sunday, February 3, 2019 WSKG public media made bold programming changes on its two radio stations, WSKG-FM and WSQX-FM.

WSKG-FM (NPR) has converted to all News-Conversation and WSQX-FM has become all Classical Music with weekend folk. There is now more news and conversation on WSKG for listeners who prefer that programming, and more music on WSQX for listeners who prefer that programming. It is more of what you love.

WSKG President and CEO Greg Catlin says "Both radio stations were mixed format stations, meaning they both offered news, conversation and music. Listeners had to switch back and forth all day and night to get what they wanted, and it could be confusing. By making this change to one format for each station our listeners and members can now have a choice and get what they want.”

WSKG expects that by making the changes it will lead to gains in audience, membership and membership revenue, and it will position the public media organization for future growth. We firmly believe the majority of our listeners will embrace the new sound as it becomes more relevant to their lives, and that it will enhance the long-term health of WSKG and WSQX.

Whether we like it or not the world is in a digital revolution and that includes radio and how we consume radio in our homes, in our cars, on our computers, and especially on our mobile devices. WSKG and WSQX are ready so anyone can listen 24 hours a day on our website wskg.org or on voice-activated smart speakers.

Radio Frequencies Guide
(Where to receive signals of WSKG & WSQX)


(all news 2/3/19) Binghamton - 89.3 Ithaca - 90.9 Elmira/Corning - 91.1 Hornell - 88.7 Oneonta - 91.7 Watkins Glen - 90.5 Odessa - 89.9


(all music 2/3/19)
Binghamton - 91.5
Ithaca – 92.1
Cooperstown – 105.9
Greene/Norwich - 88.1
Corning - 90.7

WSKG Program Guide
effective 2/3/19

WSQX Program Guide
effective 2/3/19


WSKG and WSQX Radio Programming Changes

Q: What radio programming is changing?
A: Radio programming is changed on Sunday, February 3 to provide More Of What You Love. Classical music programming on WSKG moved to WSQX, and News/Conversation programming on WSQX is now on WSKG. This gives our listeners access to news and conversation 24 hours a day on WSKG. This also givse our listeners access to classical music 24 hours a day on WSQX (with weekend folk).

Q: Why and why now?
A: We need to change to meet the needs of you-our members and listeners. With the rise of internet streaming and podcasting, public radio research clearly indicates that listeners prefer single format radio stations, allowing them to enjoy content they want all day long. WSKG and WSQX were formerly what are called call dual format radio stations. Both of them were programmed with a mix of news and music. That kind of radio format is becoming increasingly obsolete. WSKG and WSQX are some of the few public media radio stations that had remained that way.

Change is never easy, but we need to meet the needs and challenges of our organization, and you-our members and listeners. If we don’t we become stagnant, outdated and irrelevant.

Q: What if I want to hear classical music and I can’t receive the radio signal of WSQX where I live?
A: First, we know some of you are not able to receive WSQX where you live and we apologize for that.  But, you can still listen to WSQX and classical music 24 hours a day in several ways.

  • On our website wskg.org. Click “Listen LIVE-WSKG Classical” or “Listen LIVE-WSKG” right on the home page.
  • On Echo or “Alexa” devices and other voice-activated smart speakers.
  • On your mobile phone.
  • On the WSKG app for Android and iPhone that’s coming soon, expected by the end of February.
  • If you live near the heart of Ithaca, Elmira or Hornell, you may be able to receive WSQX/classical music programming on the HD2 sub-channel of the local WSKG station. To learn more about HD radio visit www.hdradio.com.

Q: What if I just don’t like the changes?
A: We know these changes won’t make everyone happy. But again, studies have shown WSKG needs to do this to survive and grow and meet the needs of our members and listeners. We firmly believe the majority of our listeners will embrace the new sound as it becomes more relevant to their lives, and that will enhance the long-term health of WSKG and WSQX.  

Q: Where do I get the information about where to listen in my area?
A: Our website, wskg.org, has all the information about WSKG and WSQX radio locations and frequencies with maps. And again, you can listen to both stations 24 hours a day on our website or on voice-activated smart speakers.

Q: Where do I find the exact radio programs on WSKG and WSQX so I don’t miss my favorites?
A: You’ll find program guides for both stations on our website, wskg.org, so you know exactly what programs will be airing and when. We had to move some programs to accommodate others, but most of your favorites should be there with some adjustments.

Q: What are the major program changes?
A: Besides moving news and conversation programming to WSKG and moving classical music programming to WSQX, “Democracy Now!” previously airing on WSQX at 8am has been eliminated.  It's still available on other radio stations in our service area, like WBDY-Binghamton, WRFI-Ithaca and online. Also, “Fresh Air” that previously aired at 6pm on WSKG has moved to 7pm to make it available to more listeners. There are many new and exciting programs, too, on both stations.

Q: Call or email us your comments.
A: Let us know what you think about the changes, positive or negative. Please call and leave a comment at 607-729-9513. Remember, this is to leave a message only. We will listen to all of them. Or, send us an email at: comments@wskg.org. We will read all of them. Thank you.