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Gorongosa Park | New Blood & Hidden Worlds

During episode three of Gorongosa Park- Rebirth of Paradise, Bob and the lion team find one of the female cubs with a life-threatening wound and face a race against time to save her. Lions aren’t the only ones who need help. During the war, most of the big grazers were killed for their meat. With less than 20 zebra and 100 eland, the park needs to make a tough choice to save them. A massive relocation mission is launched to bring them back.But what happened to Gorongosa when these big grazers weren’t around to eat the grasses? It’s these kind of mysteries that are attracting the best scientists in the world. Harvard insect expert, Piotr Naskrecki looks to the micro scale for answers and discovers a surprising hero that kept Gorongosa alive after the war.Flying over the north section of the park, Bob Poole discovers remote rivers choked with enormous crocodiles. Estimating it to be the largest croc population in Africa, Bob brings in experts Sven Bourquin and Vince Shacks to investigate. It's not only the number of crocodiles that surprises the team, but the behavior of the reptiles as well. It's the beginning of mating season and they should be aggressively protecting their territory — but they're not.Gorongosa has other hidden worlds the scientists know nothing about. Bob joins Harvard insect expert Piotr Naskrecki and his team to explore the deep limestone gorges to the east. Rapelling down, they discover pristine forests and caves packed with new life. Bob films a ferocious battle on the micro scale — monster-sized ants slaughtering termites in the thousands. It's these hidden worlds that Piotr wants to bring into the limelight because it’s the little things that truly run the world.Tune into Lion Mystery & Elephant Whisperer.