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Windsor Students Participate in Youth Media Challenge

Throughout Fall 2020, high school students in Scott Symons' Social Studies class at Windsor High School participated in ' Let's Talk About Election 2020', a national youth media challenge. This challenge is a free, standards-aligned program on KQED Learn, co-hosted by the National Writing Project and PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs.

WSKG Education connected with Mr. Symons during the summer and supported him to integrate the project within the class. Mr. Symons shared: "The kids really enjoyed this assignment because they got to pick something that they were passionate about (student choice)! Through their research, they got to become experts on their subject and share their views/research with the world.

The whole process was easy with all of the materials and directions from KQED; they allowed me to share and change the resources so that I could bend them to align with the curriculum of my BCC Public Policy Course that I teach."

Windsor students focused on issues of importance to them - a sampling of just a few of these topics includes ableism, the electoral college, maternal health, and 2nd Amendment rights. Listen, read, watch the student political commentaries here.  

Immigration in the U.S. by Erica D. WINDSOR CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL

Political Commentary by Michael J. WINDSOR CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL

Planned Parenthood Video Challenge Election 2020 by Sarah D. WINDSOR CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL

Police and Reform by Aidan K. WINDSOR CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL

The Importance of the Second Amendment by Connor F. WINDSOR CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL

Student Athletes by Ethan R. WINDSOR CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL

Public Policy Gun Laws by Alex S. WINDSOR CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL

COVID 19 Political Commentary by Cameron M. WINDSOR CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL

The Important Role of the People in the Electoral College by Nathan A. WINDSOR CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL

Let's Talk about Ableism in the Workforce by Alexandra D. WINDSOR CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL

Earth's Struggle with Climate Change by Dylan C. WINDSOR CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL

Citizens Feel Unsafe Due to Police Brutality: Mandated Body Cams Prevent That by Xin H. WINDSOR CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL

The Devastating Effects of Climate Change by Zachary B. WINDSOR CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL

Advancing Human Rights to a Safe and Protected Maternal Health by Giovanna B. WINDSOR CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL

This project is supported by a grant from PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Lab.