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Important dates to know before Election Day


Election Dates 2 Way (412)-Brent Fox

The general election is right around the corner and there are some important dates coming up before the election to keep in mind. Co-president of the League of Women Voters of Broome and Tioga Counties, Margaret Goodfellow, joined WSKG Morning Edition host Brent Fox to talk about those dates and what voters need to know before heading to the polls.

BRENT FOX: So Margaret tell me so there are some important dates coming up. What are those dates?

MARGARET GOODFELLOW: Okay, the last day of some of these relate to absentee balloting. The last day to postmark your application, or a letter of application for absentee ballot is October 24.

It's also the last day to apply for an absentee ballot using the online portal through your local board of elections or with the New York State Board of Elections. October 29 is when early voting starts, and it's available through November 6, 2022. And the last day to apply in person for an absentee ballot is November 7.

November 8, the following day, it's the last day of postmarking an absentee ballot. And it must be received by your county board of elections no later than November 15.

I have one thing I want to make voters aware of is to please be aware of the posted collection times at your post offices. New York state is very interested in having people mail their ballots at least seven days prior to the election to ensure a timely delivery. And that comes into play when you post, when you're taking your ballot to the post office because you really want to make sure that that postal facility has their collection times appropriate for you, so that you know where they are. And so that you won't put your ballot in so that it's postmarked the next day, which might be too late. So be careful about that, when you get to the polls, when you go to the post office.

FOX: What do people need to know what they choose to vote early?

GOODFELLOW: I think the most important thing to know is the dates, the times and the locations, or they can check their local boards of elections websites to find out where the early voting locations are in their county and the days they are open and the times they're open. The times may vary depending upon the individual board of elections.

FOX: And I know this is a question that does come up frequently is if you apply for an absentee ballot, can could you still potentially vote in person if you don't send in that absentee ballot?

GOODFELLOW: That's a very good question. If you request an absentee ballot and you're issued a ballot, you can still vote at the polls on Election Day. But you will need to use an affidavit ballot instead of voting on a machine. Afterwards, the election officials will verify if your absentee ballot was received. And if it has been received, the affidavit ballot will not be counted. And there and then in the reverse is true. If not, the affidavit ballot will become, that's a new law regulation that recently came into effect.

FOX: And what does a person who is going to the polls on November 8 on Election Day? What do they need to know before heading out to the polls?

GOODFELLOW: Well, I would say the most important things they need to know are the candidates that are running for offices that are in their location and their positions on issues and policies that are important to them. That's really one of the most important things that voters need to know, that they can prepare and that they don't wait to the last minute to find out who's who's running for office and what their positions are.