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Autism Awareness Continues with New Episode of 'Dinosaur Train'

April is Autism Awareness Month and The Jim Henson Company presents a special episode in which Buddy and his siblings become friends with a dinosaur who knows a LOT MORE about dinosaurs than Buddy, but has some trouble making friends. Like all dinosaurs, their new friend Dennis Deinocheirus has his own dinosaur features. And, like all of us, he has strengths in some areas and challenges in others.Dinosaur Train has partnered in this initiative with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, whose “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” campaign helps parents track the developmental milestones of all their little dinosaur trackers! Identifying autism and other developmental disabilities early gives children their best chance at reaching their full potential. “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” milestone checklists make tracking the milestones of every young child easy and fun and helps parents to know when to “act early” when there’s a concern.EPISODE DESCRIPTION Part 1 | The kids are all excited! Why? Because they’re off to Junior Conductor’s Academy in Laramidia, to try to become Junior Conductors First Class. Buddy has a feeling he’s going to be a star in class, until he meets Dennis Deinocheirus – a kid who knows even more dinosaur facts than he does! Can Buddy get over his disappointment that he’s not the smartest kid in class, and make friends with Dennis (who seems like he’s having trouble making friends on his own)?Part 2 | Now that Buddy and Dennis are friends, they have to work together (with the other kids) in order to pass a series of tests. If they succeed, they’ll receive their Junior Conductors First Class pins! But standing in the way of their success is the most challenging instructor of all… Thurston Troodon!“Junior Conductors Academy” airs Thursday, April 13, 2017 on WSKG TV at 11:00am.