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Announcing the Premiere of Alonzo's Ghost on WSKG-TV

During the Gilded Age in America, architectural masterpieces were blossoming across the United States, embodying a fusion of classical European styles with unique American influences. Built between 1904 and 1907, Binghamton's Roberson Mansion stands as a prime example of that classic era in American architecture. Commissioned by Alonzo Roberson and conceptualized by the acclaimed architect, Charles Edward Vosbury, the mansion showcases the beauty of Italian Renaissance architecture. The signature style of this era, marked by grand facades, symmetrical layouts, and ornate details, is clearly reflected in the mansion’s design.

The Roberson Mansion stands not only as a symbol of an architectural era, but as a canvas that portrays the exceptional craftsmanship of the period. The interior of the mansion boasts intricate woodwork, and moldings, enduring evidence to the unrivaled expertise of Alonzo Roberson's lumber mill craftsmen. Their artistry showcases techniques and finesse that are increasingly rare in today's world. As such, the mansion has evolved from a private home to become a source of pride for the Southern Tier, reminding visitors and residents alike of a bygone era where meticulous craftsmanship was the norm, and every architectural endeavor was a passionate masterpiece.

Alonzo’s Ghost is an original documentary film from WSKG Public Media and producer Brian Frey that explores the rich history of Roberson Mansion, its creator, and the stories that surround it. Amidst whispers of lingering spirits, the film seeks to uncover the truth behind the home's rumored ghosts. This engaging documentary blends the mansion's historical significance with a touch of mystery, giving viewers a unique peek into the past and the tales that still
echo within its walls.

Alonzo's Ghost premieres Monday, October 30, 2023 at 8:00 pm on WSKG-HD.